Friday, November 14, 2008

Snickers and Mandy

We are doing well. We are both eating well.Mandy's bg Nov.13 was 83.

Snicker Update, Mandy Update

Snickers has had a great 2008 . Sept 29,2008. Snickers had a dental 4 teeth pulled. One abcessed. DOing well. BGs are starting to regulate better. Need to work on getting off the dry Dm. He is a Fancy Feast man.
Mandy well some skin flareups. Just finished Orbax Nov 13. Mandy 3 year off the OTJ Nov 15. All Is well.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

DrumRoll Please!!! Dec.20,2007

Snickers pmps 197. Best ps in months . He is on 5unints NPH. I gave only three. I was scared 5 units at 197 would be too much. He is laying off the dry dm lately. When he stays out of the dry food bgs stay in 100-300 range. When he munches on dry we are sitting in the 400-500 range. A place I do not like to be. He is active playing, being very chatty.Doing very well.
Mandy is living the good life. Being a tabby and loving very second. Dec.19,2007 bg 77! That's my girl. Diet controlled 2 years and counting.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

OH Boy Blood Sugars Gone Wild Oct.24,2007

Well ,What can I say,Snickers is eating Dry Dm. Cheryll is happy ,Vet made her day. I am not amused. When I had him at 2 cans of FF a day. No dry. His bgs ran in the 100-300 range. When he chows down on Dry Dm his bgs stay in 400-500 range. yes the insulin brings bg down.But I am worried about what it is doing to his kidneys,nerves , heart etc. If I tell vet about my concern about the bgs ,she will say FF is to blame. Well I have the proof with blood sugar numbers that this is not the case. Snickers is very carb senitive. he is very active, appears to feel well,alert. Not urinating excessively.
Mandy is doing well. Alert active naughty!!!!!
Bgs in nondiabetic range,last bg 66.
Nov.15,2007 Mandy will be off insulin and diet controlled 2 years.
Oct 20,2007 Snickers marked his 1 year milestone of being adopted and living with us. He is a wonderful,sweet loving little guy. All is well.
Will keep on with getting bgs back into better range.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sept 30,2007 Mandy and Snickers Update

Mandy doing very well. Active, naughty. Sept 29th BG 77.
Snickers is hanging in,chatty ,busy and naughty.
BG range 300-400. Dm dry snacks. I try to leave out just FF . He loves his FF. Cheryll Feeds him dm on the side. If he stays away from dry food we have BG in 200-300 range.. He is feeling great ,playing with Mandy. All is good. Oct 20th with be 1st annifurrsry living with us. he has come a long way. Nov 15th, 2 year diet control milestone for Mandy. We control the Diabetes it does not control us.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Snickers finds Dm Dry

Snickers has started eating and liking Dry Dm for his snacks. Mandy lets him raid her food dish. His main meals are Fancy feast. This is all well and good. But the thing is his blood sugars are living in the 400 range. I am not amused. I am trying to keep him out of dry. When he is Fancy Feast only bgs in 100-300 range. Cheryll can not seem to see the problem here. She is glad he doesn't wake her up at night. Her suggestion ,"oh well give more insulin". Almost a year of work down the drain. I will keep trying. Cheryll is happy . When she tells Snickers dr. the 22 of august when he goes for his upteenth frucostmime level dr. will be happy also.
Mandy doing well. End of last month she had her ear cut when I doing a ear poke for a bg. Applied pressure for almost an hour and finally took her in to dr. and they put on something to seal and clot it off.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update on Mandy and Snickers

Both are well. Active happy. Very busy.
Mandy had a slight mishap on the 26th. I was doing her monthly BG Check.
I use 25 gauge needles,not lancets. Got a bubble and bg of 74. Well seems along the way I some how cut mandy's ear. It was pouring blood. I kept applying pressure for 20mins. Every time I thought it was sealing off ,a very mad and put out Mandy growled hissed and shook her head and off we went. Called vet said to keep applying pressure and apply some ice. Well tried Mandy was getting so mad and upset ,I was afraid she would get sick. Ran her in to vet,they had to clamp it down for some time .Then put glue sealing stuff on it. Got home Mandy run out of crate,started grooming . All is well.
Snickers bgs before insulin had been running in 200-300 range. Decided he wanted to nibble on dry dm ,well then his bgs are in high 300-mid 400's. I am not amused. Got busy got and kept him out of dry food and he is fine.I am trying to be sure only FF goes in his mouth. We are working on that. Other wise he is a happy ,content playful sweet little guy. And so goes our sugar dance.To Be Continued.

Mandy Party Girl

Mandy Party Girl
Gee whatever

Snickers the Handsome

Snickers the Handsome
Well is it pokie time?